$7 a month

Discord Bot Hosting

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Discord Bot Hosting

0 ratings

Need to pay via PayPal? Check out https://ko-fi.com/nettech

Get your Discord bot hosted on a secure and fast VPS. The VPS is in New York and from my testing, the ping of a Discord bot hosted on it is generally 20-40 ms.

I will only host bots that have been developed by myself. I do not host third-party bots

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You'll also get

Personal Support
Every customer gets their own channel in a Discord support server and can contact me at any time.
Live Status Updates
If the unlikely case of the VPS going down I and you will get automatically alerted. You can optionally also get a push notification on your Apple Device.
Lots of love
I host lots of different bots for my servers and servers I work in. This quickly adds up so its much appreciated when you subscribe.
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